Well, that was mortifying

Allison is in the doldrums of healing up, so we perk things up via thoroughly embarrassing ourselves. Y’all asked us why we didn’t share who was on our Lists last week, so out comes the truth. Plus: Rekha explains what Michael Jackson armor is, Allison is mortified by a decades-old use of a Bel Biv Devoe catch phrase, and Rekha has more incoherent sports thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Well, that was mortifying

  1. You two are hilarious. Keep talking!

  2. Love “Sports Thoughts with Rekha” – especially rituals for arts fans. I wore black to watch “Serendipity” (thanks for the recommendation, Allison). People might want to wear sequins and glitter to view “Figuring History” at SAM . So many possibilities!
    Seems to me your podcast is about nothing, in the best Seinfeldian sense. My sister and I both listen and then discuss – talk about talking about nothing, haha! So much fun.
    Please say more about your ideas for improving the world, like better chip bags and banning combinations of fruit and chocolate. Also more on word origins, like “hokay.” And of course, more about your adventures growing up in Flint. Thanks for sharing your friendship!

    1. Allison & Rekha April 19, 2018 — 9:22 pm

      Hi Pat! More sports thoughts in episode #5- the floodgates are open! Allison is so happy she got one more soul to watch Serendipity, and I am taking notes for the Figuring History outfit because I am going to see that shortly! We are so happy you are listening!

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