#1 Making 2018 Less Garbage

In our inaugural episode, we talk about why we are doing this podcast, why Allison’s identity doesn’t fit in a box, why The Rock should win an Oscar, why a new car means unlocking your door from a plane, why Boardroom portraiture is creepy af, and why the new Netflix documentary series, Flint Town, about our hometown is stressing us the hell out.

3 thoughts on “#1 Making 2018 Less Garbage

  1. I love you girls. So fun!

  2. So, I didn’t have a whole 50 minutes to listen to this so I set the speed to 1.5x. Almost peed my pants listening to you both!

  3. Check it out! Census Bureau is redoing it’s checkboxes! http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2014/03/14/u-s-census-looking-at-big-changes-in-how-it-asks-about-race-and-ethnicity/ About damn time.

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